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Le Camondo

Le Camondo | Paris

At Camondo, enjoy a little piece of history.
It is certainly the memory of its walls that gives this special taste to the dishes served in our restaurant. Look up and admire the details: there is no doubt that gastronomy and culture coexist here. It is within the walls of the eponymous museum that Fanny Herpin and Mehdi Boucenna have taken up residence and joined the great family of Collectors. In the kitchen, it's the duo that the magic happens: she is the passion, he is the quiet strength. He is as creative as she is rigorous. They have in common their know-how and the love of sharing: that of a lively and convivial cuisine. Member of the Culinary College of France, our restaurant makes every effort to offer you local, quality products, selected by our passionate producers:

Maison Reynaud Jérôme “Galis” Arnaud Billon “Ah the cow” Metzger Adrien Leonard “Maison Montalet” Stéphane d'Amécourt “The Tauziet farm” Christophe Latour “Epicerie Latour” Audrey “Hydropousse”/Nomie….


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